No-Shirt Hoax Fools Thai Men

Rumours that women were going to launch a “No Shirts” political party in downtown Bangkok led to 5,000 camera wielding Thai men descending on the area. The mob of would be breast oglers turned ugly when a Government representative informed them it was a “Thaksin inspired hoax”. A Yellow shirt and a Red shirt were subsequently shot dead, united briefly by lust.

Former leader Thaksin released a statement saying “I would have funded the No-Shirts if I had thought of it.”

5 thoughts on “No-Shirt Hoax Fools Thai Men

  1. Bag O'Turnips

    Campaign headquarters for the No-Shirts could be located in Patpong Road; should have a readymade constituency and attract the habitués of that district to their cause.

  2. Reg

    We’ll all have no shirts if these childish color-coded cretins continue to play out their moronic power trips for their own personal gain. Don’t be fooled by either side! Neither side has any other policy other than to rip off the exchequer. 😉

      1. Bag O'Turnips

        Or we could all get some Thai stick into us and form the Amazingly Multicoloured Paisley Shirts, too blissed out to bother fighting!

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