Holden won’t recall “blessed” V8’s

Some Muslim workers at Holden’s Elizabeth plant have admitted that they have been  surreptitiously giving “Islamic blessings” to V8 Commodore utes coming off the South Australian production line for months. A spokesman for the iconic Australian carmaker told The Asia Beat that Holden had no intention of recalling the vehicles. However he did say that the workers in question have been warned that they must respect the separation of “Church and ute”, and that the blessings should be stopped.

Opposition immigration spokesman Scott Morrison called on Holden to fund “exorcisms” or at the very least full detailing and called on the Immigration Department to investigate deportation options . “Young men, young Christian men have the right to know that their own vehicle might be plotting behind their backs.”

Mr Morrison was set to be disappointed, as all the men, originally from Iran, were long time Australian citizens according to Holden.

The former mufti of Australia Sheik Taj Din al Hilali, known for his extreme views on women and Jews, called on the Holden workers to defy the ban and extend their blessings to the Caprice and Calais.

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