“Lazy” Malaysian sand “Better off in Singapore”.

Singapore’s voracious sand mining industry received a boost from the island’s Minister responsible for National Development Tan Chuan-Jin. (Also touted as next PM.)

Describing Malaysian sand as “good for nothing” and “lying about on the beach all day”, Tan went on to describe how the formerly unproductive granules were now “pulling their weight”  by being part of Singapore’s glorious expansion.

“Each grain can now have pride in itself with a decent work ethic,” said Tan.

Singapore imports about 15 million tonnes of sand annually, largely used in expanding the land mass of the island.

3 thoughts on ““Lazy” Malaysian sand “Better off in Singapore”.

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    I am a Malaysian chinese and i well heard of certain chinese are racist towards malay due to political and religion issues.

    some of them like to generalize all malay are bad just because the government (majority malay) mistreating them.

    and i also heard of people saying these chinese when travelling abroad (to japan, korea etc), they spread rumour and talking bad about malaysian Malay. As one of my foreign friend told me, he said certain chinese just like to generalize malay as lazy, uncivilized.

    If these malay are so lazy, then how could them able and eligible to study overseas?

    I can say that these group of chinese have great prejudice towards malay. they are not open-minded.

    i have alot of malay friends, and most of them have their own business, without relying from government. They are very independant and open mind.


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