Gangnam style “not miracle worker.” – PSY

Lance Armstrong is making a desperate bid to save his reputation, flying to Melbourne to record a Gangnam promo with Korean superstar Psy currently on tour in Australia. Embattled Australian jockey Damian Oliver, yesterday accused of illegal betting has also contacted Psy for the same reason.

Psy told The Asia Beat, “I don’t make judgement. I’ll teach Lance and Damian the steps, but the rest is up to them. I’m expecting that Damian as a jockey will be a natural since the dance is based on horse riding, but he may crouch a little too low and far forward. Gangnam is a very unpright stance. More like riding a donkey. Lance of course will have the balance from cycling, but his upper body and whipping might need work.  But after Gangnam, they need to do their own thing. Gangnam has power, but it is not a miracle worker.

Armstrong and Oliver are expected to learn the steps on a stage at Melbourne’s Federation Square on Friday.

gangnam salvation

gangnam salvation

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