Aussies expose sinister craft

Yarn bombing, popular in Australia, the US and the UK has been exposed as a sophisticated pedophile messaging system according to an academic at Perth’s Edith Cowan University. Yarn bombing, the act of knitting colourful yarn onto everyday objects such as trees and bicycles, has mostly been regarded as the work of unemployed losers and as a a craze which had been totally played about 3 years ago. Not so, claims ECU’s Professor Jan Acton. “I have been studying this phenomenon for 3 years, and decoding it I was horrified to find that each piece was a signal, a conversation even, between criminal pedophiles. You’ll find the same patterns in London, Perth, Sydney and New York. blue, yellow and red stripes means a safety house is nearby. Blocks of orange and white, signals that you are in view of a camera., WALK ON! WALK ON!yarn2

4 thoughts on “Aussies expose sinister craft

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