Vagina Steaming to go on despite diarrhea outbreak. 

Bali’s famous Mist and Mountain View Retreat is under fire for refusing to refund prepaid vagina steaming sessions, despite most guests being affected by a violent diarrhea outbreak. Vagina steaming, popularised by Cate Blanchett is the resort’s most expensive treatment, with some international visitors having paid up to US$10,000 for two weeks of eight sessions a day. “They won’t even let us delay it,” claimed Swedish visitor Ebba Lindberg. “It’s completely outrageous. How can we be expected to steam our vaginas when most of us are on the toilet all day?”  
A spokesperson for Mist View Retreat – who refused to be named, told The Asia Beat, “It doesn’t matter. We can steam the whole area.”

Steaming will go on vows clinic.

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