Museum of Winds Opens


Experience the world’s iconic winds and breezes at Geraldton’s Museum of Winds.

Geraldton’s new Museum of Winds officially opens this week, a culmination of five years’ work and $280 million of Lotterywest funding. At the official press conference, MOW Patron Tim Winton, said visitors to the state of the art facility would be able to experience specially curated iconic winds and breezes from around the world, with the speeds, direction, humidity, and even the odours perfectly recreated.

“Phwoar, being asked what my favourite wind is, is like being asked which is your favourite child,” said Mr. Winton, “But yes, of course the Freo Doctor will be front and centre. Every afternoon, from 4:30, The Doctor will be piped in from the southwest vents, rich with ozone, bunker diesel and the tang of soggy chips. But I’ve surprised myself actually by falling in Love with The Mistral. It’s a cold wind from France, that brings the scent of vines and donkeys.”

Children will be “blown away”, literally, in the wind tunnel, where they can experience the highest wind speed ever recorded in Australia of 407kmh at Barrow Island.

“Visiting” winds in 2020 will include the Sirocco, and Canada’s Rocky Mountain Chinook.

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