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Racist Aussies Shun “Asian” Highway

Tens of thousands of motorists in Perth Western Australia are avoiding one of the city’s major arterial Roads – Tonkin Highway in the mistaken belief that it is named after the Gulf of Tonkin between Vietnam and Southern China. In reality the highway is named after John Tonkin, a  former Labor Party Premier in the 1970s, but racist Western Australian motorists haven’t let the facts get in the way of their bigotry, and the almost deserted weed covered 6 lane freeway is constantly defaced with anti Asian slogans. “I’m not driving down some “slant eyed” road, one road user told The Asia beat. I’d rather add an hour to my trip and drive down Leach Highway and Abernethy Road, then cut through Alexander Drive to Reid Highway. A few drivers have defied the trend at least in theory. Alex Bainbridge of The Socialist Alliance said, “I f I had a car, or any prospect of owning a vehicle, or if vehicles were “socialised”,  I would drive on it every day. Totally.”

Tonkin Highway – infested with weeds and racists.


Western Australian Transport Minister Troy Buswell refused to comment on rumours that Tonkin Highway is to be renamed Prince Charles Highway.

The Asia Beat Perth.

Hipsters hit Mekong Delta

UK hipsters are deserting the capital for Vietnam’s Mekong River area en masse, leaving  whole streets of South London deserted. “Little Shoreditch” in the centre of Cần Thơ in South Western Vietnam is the latest hotspot. Although some hipsters ave been unable to make much of a visual impact, almost blending in too easily with the bad moustaches, cheap sunglasses, skinny legs, bad fashions and 80s music of the locals, authentic viet chicken dishes only a minute’s walk in any direction have made the difference. A knockoff Pabst brewery and several cardigan factories have sprung up around the town, ready to dismantle and rebuild if fashion decides a change of location is necessary.  Reuters.

Not Horny in Hanoi

The recent craze for “Honk if you’re Horny” bumper stickers in Vietnam, a practice long considered passe in the West  has raised the ire of authorities.  Deputy Transport Minister Le Manh Hung told The Asia Beat, “Everyone honks their horns all the time here. How will people tell who is horny and who just wants to overtake a truck on the footpath? Have you been seen Ho Chi Minh traffic? With these stickers it looks like everyone is horny all the time.”

Vietnam bloggers have a different take on the matter. Me Nam, aka Mother Mushroom, wrote that the authorities feared a “female sexual revolution” if Vietnam’s motorists were encouraged to lewd thoughts every time they hit the horn.

On average a scooter rider will use the horn 100 times an hour on the busy streets of Vietnam’s big cities. That could mean billions of horny thoughts a month.