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Anwar sodomy final hope for Malaysia’s UMNO

As political support for Malaysian ruling party plummets, insiders concede that only Anwar “Giving a man a quick one”, can stave off political collapse. Without an Anwar sodomy incident, Barisar would stuggle to win a single seat in Penang, if an election were held today. “We have men dropping the soap in the shower at his sports club, bending to tie their shoelaces in front of him when he goes out, and even sending sausages and donuts to his house,” said a frustrated Barisar aide. Nothing. Absolutely nothing. I hope he’s not too old for sodomy now. That would be a disaster for us.”

Anwar too old for sodomy?

Anwar too old for sodomy?

Anwar shuns sausage feast after sodomy victory

Anwar objected to this sausage.

KL. Anwar Ibrahim, fresh from beating sodomy charges in court failed to show at a celebratory barbecue in his honour afterwards, which featured sausages. The controversial Malaysian politician was said to privately fuming, having given strict instructions that sausages and donuts were “off the menu” for any public events associated with him for the forseeable future. He was said to have grudgingly sanctioned lamb kebabs only after pleas from his daughter. “You just have to have one agent provocateur in the crowd, putting sausage and donut together in a suggestive fashion, and that would be just the excuse the police need,” he told The Asia Beat.

A police spokeman claimed he was 100% certain that Anwar had personally ordered the sausages and donuts himself.

The Asia Beat
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Sodomy Weighs Heavily on Anwar’s Shoulders

Nominal Malaysian Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim told The Asia Beat’s KL correspondent, “If I’m convicted again, I’m definitely trying sodomy. Why not? I might as well see what all the fuss is about ah? In 20 years jail, you think Nelson Mandela didn’t give another prisoner a seeing to once in a while? Come on, you’re living in a dream world man! If UMNO wants sodomy, I’ll give them all the sodomy they can take!