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Astrologers Brawl as Rabbit Year Approaches

Guangzhou. Ever finer divisions of Chinese zodiac signs “discovered” by competing Chinese astrologers and necromancers spilled into street brawling outside a conference designed to once and for all codify the divisions.  Supporters of Little Astrology Prince from Hong Kong, savagely beat Singapore Feng Shui master Joey Yap over whether a “Rabbit” born on the 16th July 1963 of the Western Calendar was a Water-Gold-Emerald-Horn-Clay-Tofu-Jade-Soot-Wine – Rabbit, or a Water-Gold-Clay-Bile-Soot-Hay-Springwater-Lapis-Wine Rabbit.
A Chinese Government spokesman, while denying that a ban would be placed on divisions finer than a week, did admit that there was growing frustration over the need for more and more accuracy of timing. “Couples now have to use a stopwatch at both the birth and conception to know whether their child is a Fire Jade or a Fire Tofu. A slightly delayed ejaculation by the man could mean the difference between a child who is graceful, artistic, and respectful, to one who is graceful and artisitic, but downright surly, and no one wants that. ”

Another attempt will be made to settle the matter in Kuala Lumpur in four years time.

China’s Most Expensive Dish

Chicken Doodle Soup, a broth requiring 100,000 rooster penises has outstripped a gold leaf & birdnest dessert to officially become Asia’s most expensive dish.

Hong Kong based chef Perry Kam Kui, said the Million Yuan ( $1,140 000 HKD) appetiser “Was not popular with Westerners.” However it is rumoured that Rupert Murdoch’s Chinese wife Wendy has ordered 40 litres for the billionaires 80th birthday party in 2011.

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