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Not Horny in Hanoi

The recent craze for “Honk if you’re Horny” bumper stickers in Vietnam, a practice long considered passe in the West  has raised the ire of authorities.  Deputy Transport Minister Le Manh Hung told The Asia Beat, “Everyone honks their horns all the time here. How will people tell who is horny and who just wants to overtake a truck on the footpath? Have you been seen Ho Chi Minh traffic? With these stickers it looks like everyone is horny all the time.”

Vietnam bloggers have a different take on the matter. Me Nam, aka Mother Mushroom, wrote that the authorities feared a “female sexual revolution” if Vietnam’s motorists were encouraged to lewd thoughts every time they hit the horn.

On average a scooter rider will use the horn 100 times an hour on the busy streets of Vietnam’s big cities. That could mean billions of horny thoughts a month.