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Neck transplants have China executioners in a spin

Shanghai. The latest trend in cosmetic surgery – neck transplants, may force a rethink in the way China executes condemned prisoners. The organs harvested from Chinese criminals have become the mainstay of the lucrative transplant industry, not just in China but worldwide. Previously the demand has mostly been for liver, heart and kidney transplants, but the cosmetic transplant industry is growing rapidly. A major stumbling block for neck transplants is that the standard execution method, a pistol shot to the base of the skull, can often damage the upper tissues and skin of the neck.

Sir Cliff Richard

An Asia Beat investigation found that the neck transplant demand was generally coming from the West and from older women (and Cliff Richard obviously), but also wealthy Chinese women. Joan Collins also apparently swears by Chinese necks, calling them “Soft, flexible and oh so  inscrutable”.

A Chinese government medical spokesperson, who we’ll call Cao to protect anonymity, told The Asia Beat in a secret interview that, “We are looking into it. Obviously we can’t hang them either, but we need to find a place on the body to shoot them that, you know, Madonna won’t want to buy  in a couple of years.”

A neck transplant in a top Shanghai hospital can cost up to US$80,  000.

(c) The Asia Beat 2012.

Chinese Beard “Next Logical Step” says Luke Steele

Empire of The Sun’s front man Luke Steele also known as Lord Gaga, shocked family and friends by announcing he would be growing a wispy “Chinese beard” out of a facial mole. Steele claimed he was “turned onto lucky mole beards” while making the video for “Walking on a Dream” in Shanghai.

“In the west people think the concept of growing long single hairs out of a facial mole is unbelievably repellant,” said the star. “I think that’s an arrogant attitude.”