Asian firm sparks “wife beater” brawl.

Bali: Indonesian clothing manufacturer Kemeja Basics has sparked a copyright war over use of the term “wife beater” for white sleeveless singlets. American firm Hanes which claims ownership of the term, has threatened Kemeja with a lawsuit over their new “Wife Harmer” range of singlets made for Indonesian beer firm Bintang. A spokesperson for Kemeja refused to comment to The Asia Beat, other than to issue a statement that, “Wife harming and wife beating can describe completely different activities.”

The Wife Harmer style singlets were still being sold in Bali as late as this morning.

Wife Harmer

“Wife Harmer” not “Wife Beater” claims firm.

2 thoughts on “Asian firm sparks “wife beater” brawl.

  1. hoff0506

    Kemeja Basics (KB) have a weak case; “harm” means much more than “beating”, but PT Multi Bintang Indonesia (Heineken) profits handsomely from KB’s singlets glorifying wife “harming”


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